Catch up

Fri 12th June

WII again..... What can I say.....? Ouch.

Guess who phoned this morning....?  Yes the puppy woman.  She still has him and we are going to Gloucester tomorrow to look at him.

Woo hoo road trip!!

Thurs 11th June

/groan... back to the WII this morning.  But I must admit I am more awake after doing the exercise than I would have thought I would have been.  Our diet is still going well, if a bit boring.

I was looking at puppies on the web last night.  There was one Border terrier cross Parsons Russell still available.  I phoned and left a message on her machine.

Weds 10th June

What bliss, no WII sport active this morning.  A lie in till 05.30am....yes 15 min’s makes all the difference. We decided that if we were going to be intensive then whilst the WII gave us a day off, we were still going to exercise.  So 10 min’s on the rowing machine this morning is all that was needed.  Then a walk in the evening.
Well unbelievably we got up this morning again OMG I am going to die if I have to keep to this regime.  Strange; how your body doesn’t believe your brain when you tell it that it has to get up 2 days in a row at 05:15am.  An as a consequence I didn’t  get to sleep till 12.30am so 2 days of 5 hours of sleep is affecting my brain; I could swear I have developed a  stomach muscle…….honest!!  I know I have leg and butt muscles, because of the pain, when I peel myself off my computer seat.  It tells me in that naggy whiney way that you just want to avoid. Maybe if I don’t move at all from the computer it won’t hurt?

We spent time last night measuring our selves.  Mainly because if I don’t shed some weight this week it had better mean that I have shrunk, to the size of GI Joe’s sister. I need to be able to get in to a pair of Craghoppers for the walk with out looking like one of the Fat Slag’s from Viz magazine.   

Ewwww what a vision that conjured up.

Karen and I are going to walk as well tonight, with the rucksacks on, aren’t you impressed?
Well what a great weekend, got sunstroke twice and only 2 carp.  An abysmal attempt!!

To top it all off I ached all over, who would have thought camping would be so strenuous. So Karen and I have decided to step up the exercises; as we are not going to be able to do the wall walk unless something changes drastically.

So fired up with enthusiasm from last night, as we talked a good regime, Karen and I got up at 05:15 am this morning to do a work out on the WII sport active.  We had it set to the 30 day challenge on hard mode. 

OMG I think we are going to die by the end of the week, things wobbled on my body that seriously? Were not meant to.  But we made it ...... 36 min’s of jogging, lunging, squatting, and kicking.  300 calories later we were triumphant if a bit sweaty.

Let’s hope this enthusiasm stays long enough to do some good, not the usual 3 day wonder we all feel every now and then.

Just an added bit of info our diet is 28g of porridge after the work out.  An apple at 9am.  Fried rice made with 80g of basmati a chopped onion, chopped mushrooms, and some chopped chicken, cooked earlier, eaten at lunch time. Then at tea time a chicken breast grilled with lots of veg, we are having white and green trees (cauli and broccoli). I think about 1000 calories a day, we need drastic changes, but also to be healthy so we take a multi vit once a day.
Well after about a 10 minutes consideration I still hadn’t changed my mind, I wanted to get educated; but not in 7 years time. My answer lay in Bournemouth University. So with my 250 points I was able to procure myself a place on the Archaeological and Forensic Sciences course. So it was going to be a slog I for the next 3 years. I worked as a self employed taxi driver doing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights 6pm-12am and Friday 6pm till 4am, Saturday 10am till 4am. Errrrmm....... that’s a total of 46 hours plus full time at University. Hence my grade of 2:2, but I passed :).

Oh yes really thought this one through .
An explanation about why I am blogging.

Having decided, in 2002 to do what my family, my partner and the government wanted me to do I enrolled with the Open University. My employment at the time was working for the Royal mail. I went to work at 5am until 10.30am then the world was my oyster; why that would please me I have no idea as eating oysters was tantamount to swallowing a ball of snot. Anyway I was finished early in the day and had at least 4 hours to do my study. This felt great; I was exercising my mind and learning all about the things I wanted to learn, I was doing a biology degree. However after the first 4 months having to deal with my brain needing a jump start from idling for 20 years; needing to do things with the kids, partner, friends and work, Open University was beginning to look like hard work....very hard work. In a nut shell; after 2 years of this I looked at what was required of me to actually get this ”biology degree”. Seven years of hard slog.......... hmmmmm! I don’t think so. If all I have learnt from my ‘Foundation Certificate in Natural Sciences’ (giving me the letters Cert Nat Sci after my name) is that the human being is lazy.
So switching to lazy mode I looked at my options. What did I want to do with the rest of my 25 years working life?